New Perspectives on Normativity

jeudi 23 mai 2024 04:05:44

A Joint lecture series on ‘International Law and Technology’

New Perspectives on Normativity : Joint lecture series on ‘International Law and Technology’

Dr. Delphine Dogot, Associate Professor of Law, C3RD, Faculté de Droit, Université Catholique de Lille, and Dr. Andrea Leiter, Assistant Professor of Law, ACIL, University of Amsterdam, both conveners are pleased to present you this lectures series on Normativity.

Digital Technologies are changing the modes in which law and governance operate, opening up toward new perspectives on normativity. How to think the relationship between international law and technology and its implications for normativity? What are the topologies of normativity that these terms connote? What must legal reasoning become to better attend to techno-legal assemblages? These questions are leading to the emergence of a new scholarly field revolving around ‘international law and technology’ with new theoretical and methodological approaches, new assumptions and preoccupations and new modes of working across disciplines.

The lecture series is held on Mondays from 15.30-17.00 every three weeks alternating between the University of Amsterdam and the Université Catholique de Lille Paris Campus. All lectures will also be accessible in a hybrid format via Zoom. A short text will be distributed approximately one week before the sessions to registered participants.


31 January, 12.00-13.30. University of Amsterdam Law School, REC A.3.01

  • Technolegal modes of governance and resistance in the digital world with Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi (University of Manchester)

20 February,15.30-17.00. Paris Campus

  • Emerging Technologies and International Governance with Outi Korhonen (University of Turku)

20 March, 15.30-17.00. University of Amsterdam Law School, REC A.3.01

  • International Law Becomes a Cyborg Science with John Haskell (University of Manchester)

3 April, 15.30-17.00. Paris Campus

  • Terrorism through the eyes of the algorithm: how the law is (re)figured through security technology with Tasniem Anwar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

24 April, 15.30-17.00. University of Amsterdam Law School, REC A.3.01

15 May, 15.30-17.00. Paris Campus

  • How can the Internet be Decolonised? with Densua Mumford (Leiden University)

5 June, 15.30-17.00. University of Amsterdam Law School, REC A.3.01

  • International Trade Law and Global Data Governance: Never the Twain Shall Meet? with Neha Mishra (Geneva Graduate Institute)

19 June, 15.30-17.00. Paris Campus

26 June, 15.30-17.30. Paris Campus